I’m getting married in June


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Who, as a little girl, never looked at herself in front of the mirror daydreaming about the romantic day of her wedding, wearing her mother’s party dress and a sheet over her head, which reached down to her feet as a train?
Almost all of us grew up like this and, although we are in the twenty-first century, we are used to seeing successful women or simple workers in any professional field, independent, strong, autonomous women, often forced to raise their families alone and perhaps to be the the only support also of that of origin, with so much courage, that they continue to chase love, since every human being, no matter how much strength he has within himself, always also has more or less hidden fragilities, which find comfort in the arms of a ‘other person who loves him as he is.

Tamara Brazzi was born in Turin, lives between Turin and Venice. In 2011 you won the Empoli Fiction Prize with The Legend of Love, which was later also presented in New York, in the Williamsburg neighborhood. The Big Apple is at the center of her second work, The New York Poster (2012). In 2017 you published Tamara’s stories, the result of a creative journey in which various emotions mix. Since 2017 you have been writing articles and interviews for the “Mondospettacolo” blog. In 2018 she published her fourth novel: Veronica and I, a tribute to Veronica Franco, an “honest” courtesan of the Renaissance, the most famous and sought after by the Serenissima.


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