I messaggeri di Aleas


historical novel



Ned is a man of his time. A British soldier stuck inside the mechanism of the Second World War. The action takes place in France, during the so-called “strange war”, that period in which the French and English on one side and the Germans on the other were at war but had not yet begun hostilities.
Everything was ready for the great abyss. Man was falling into the drama of the Second World War.
This first part of the narrative develops in a traditional way, it has its roots in a historical novel dimension, but soon everything changes and the novel points decisively towards a “visionary”, “mystical”, “otherworldly” genre. Fantasy we could say.
Ned, the young English officer, during a reconnaissance mission discovers the betrayal of a British spy in league with the Nazis, tries to escape to report the fact.
He has no escape route, he is almost captured and risks his life, until he discovers the only possible way to save himself.
He can still make it, but to survive he must face an unexpected journey to Aleas.

Gianfranco Natale, managing director of the Kimerik Publishing House, graduated in Literature from the University of Messina. After graduating he attended Italian literature courses at the Institute of Modern Philology in Messina and then dedicated himself to teaching and writing. At the beginning of his career he worked as a web marketing consultant and digital content creator for some companies in Milan and Turin, and then founded his first publishing company. Member of the Order of Journalists (special list), he is the creator and director of the Kiamarsi Magazine. Author of some books and numerous articles, he has followed various editorial projects and edited the publication of some series. He lives in Patti, where his great publishing project is based: the Kimerik Publishing House, which he directs and manages with care and passion. He has published some essays and a novel which has received numerous reviews and many awards: “The messengers of Aleas”. In 2022 he won the Navarro International Award for his publications. In 2023 he received the Etnastar prize for Sicilian talent.


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